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Módulo Sensor SR04 ultrassónico de movimento para Arduino (Ligação EASY)

REF: KS0242

The EASY plug SR04 ultrasonic module needs to be used with the EASY plug Control board V2.0. The module is connected to the double digital port interface with only one line,which is very easy and convenient.

6,86 IVA INCL.

Working Voltage: DC 5V
Working Current: 15mA
Working Frequency: 40KHz
Max Range: 3–5m
Min Range: 2cm
Measuring Angle: 15 degree
Trigger Input Signal: 10µS TTL pulse
Interface:double digital interface
Weight: 11.3g

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#define echoPin 4 // Echo Pin
#define trigPin 3// Trigger Pin
#define LEDPin 13 // Onboard LED

int maximumRange = 200; // Maximum range needed
int minimumRange = 0; // Minimum range needed
long duration, distance; // Duration used to calculate distance

void setup() {
 Serial.begin (9600);
 pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);
 pinMode(LEDPin, OUTPUT); // Use LED indicator (if required)

void loop() {
/* The following trigPin/echoPin cycle is used to determine the
 distance of the nearest object by bouncing soundwaves off of it. */ 
 digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); 

 digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW);

 duration = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);

 //Calculate the distance (in cm) based on the speed of sound.
 distance = duration/58.2;

 if (distance >= maximumRange || distance <= minimumRange){
 /* Send a negative number to computer and Turn LED ON 
 to indicate "out of range" */
 digitalWrite(LEDPin, HIGH); 
 else {
 /* Send the distance to the computer using Serial protocol, and
 turn LED OFF to indicate successful reading. */
 digitalWrite(LEDPin, LOW); 

 //Delay 50ms before next reading.


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