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Driver Motor de Passo DRV8825 Keyestudio (5 unidades)

REF: KS0141

20,35 IVA INCL.

1. Suitable for driving stepper motors within 8.2V~45V 2.5A;
2. Simple step and direction control interface;
3. Six different step resolutions: full-step, half-step, 1/4-step, 1/8-step, 1/16-step, and 1/32-step;
4. Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer, which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor’s rated voltage to      achieve higher step rates
5. Intelligent chopping control that automatically selects the correct current decay mode (fast decay or slow decay);
6. Over-temperature thermal shutdown, over-current shutdown, and under-voltage lockout;
7. Short-to-ground and shorted-load protection.

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